Hutte SFDX Plugin

Speed up your development flow by using Hutte from the CLI

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While Hutte is focussed on providing great user experience on its web based user interface, there are situations where developers prefer to stay in their development environment, for example Visual Studio Code.

This is why we have exposed core functionality like authorizing a Scratch Org or taking a Scratch Org from the pool also as a dedicated SFDX Plugin.

  • Install it by running sfdx plugins:install hutte from your Terminal

  • Run sfdx hutte:auth:login in order to authenticate with your Hutte username and password

  • Run sfdx hutte:org:authorize to connect an existing Scratch Org from the Hutte projects that use the same repo as the project in the directory where you run the command

  • Run sfdx hutte:pool:take to take a Scratch Org from the pool and authorize it

  • Append -h or --help to any command in order to learn more about available options

  • Check the Readme-File on for a detailed documentation of all commands

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