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Setting up a Sandbox project
Setting up a Sandbox project

Learn how to streamline your Sandbox based Salesforce development with Hutte.

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Follow this two-step trail to get up and running with Sandboxes in no time.

1. Connect A Salesforce Production Org

Authenticate your org with your Salesforce user to grant your Hutte project access to Sandbox creation and metadata. Please make sure that in your Production Org, Source Tracking is enabled for Developer Sandboxes. This is a prerequisite for Hutte to track metadata changes in your Sandbox.

2. Connect a Git repository with an SFDX project

It can be an empty project or a local representation of your org's metadata. This is where you'll keep track of your Sandbox development work.

That’s it! You're all set. You can now choose an existing Sandbox from "Available Sandboxes," or create one by clicking "New."

Due to Salesforce's security limitations, Hutte users can only interact with Sandboxes that were either created by the same user who connected Hutte to the respective Production Org or were created directly through Hutte.

Learn how you can track and ship features that you develop in Sandboxes with Hutte in working with Sandboxes.

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